Slimming Swimwear Review: Marks & Spencer

Editor’s Note: I think Miss C is being a bit hard on herself in this Slimming Swimwear Review. I just wanted to ask for you to post any body-positive comments you can below. I think she looks great! – Miss M

As a mum of a (nearly) one year old, I no longer have the toned figure that I sported pre-pregnancy. I have a mummy pouch, my boobs are saggy and I am three stone heavier than before I fell pregnant. Despite my ‘new’ figure, and feeling fat and frumpy constantly, I try to continue with all of the activities that I used to take part in. My baby and I enjoy swimming, but I am always full of dread at the aspect of the going into the pool looking like a beached whale. That is, until I walked into Marks and Spencer’s.

I was lucky enough to go shopping when M&S were re-stocking the shelves with the new swimwear for this year. I had a quick browse and I stumbled upon their half price stock. The swimwear that was sold last year was no being sold for £15 instead of £29.50 so I thought I would chance a new costume. I am in love with animal print so it definitely caught my eye, and when reading the label, It was described as ‘Secret Slimming’ and promised tummy control so it sounded perfect. Once I had taken it home, I tried it on and it is absolutely fantastic. Rarely do I fall in love with an item of clothing but it truly works. My stomach looks and feels smaller, it pushes up my chest so it no longer looks saggy and I feel two sizes smaller. The only issue – which is minute – is that it pushes some of the fat up above the back of the swimming costume. Whilst this may be an issue for slimmer women, I was so grateful that my stomach wasn’t wobbling that I didn’t care. It is also really comfortable to wear; unlike much of the shapewear I have tried on, it feels no different to a regular swimming costume.

Although this swimming costumer design is no longer available, they sell many others which have the same control, but in a different design. I will be honest, I am so in love with this costume that my I have also bought this one, too for the full price!

They also sell it in hot pink and I am very tempted – you can never have too many costumes, right? The price of £29.50 is an absolute bargain for how confident is has made me feel whilst I am swimming. Hopefully you will agree that you can see a difference, too.

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  • Pulled in Tummy
  • Pushed up breasts
  • Added Confidence!
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  • Currently out of Stock
  • Many other similar styles are available
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  • Review Summary:

    Sucked in Tummy, Pushed up breasts, Great find for a great price!

    Miss C

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    1. Looks fantastic and accentuates your curves where the other one kind of erases them. And the leopard print gives a classic Vargas girl feel, while still being totally appropriate for swimming with baby. Great review, shows that tankinis aren’t the only option for post-maternity swimwear.

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