Shapewear Review: Spanx Assets Red Hot Label Open-Bust Camisole

I picked out the pink Spanx Assets Red Hot Label Open-Bust Camisole because it has cute polka dots running along the side and was pretty on the rack. I did read some reviews on this camisole before I purchased it and some tall women had said that it may run a bit too short for their liking. As we all know, I have a short torso. When pulled down, this actually went all the way to my crotch, so it was more than long enough for me.

I wore this to work with a pair of pants and a long button-down shirt. I wanted to see if it would ride up during the day or bunch. Some of the reviews had indicated that it would. I think it depends how you wear it and what kind of panties you wear with it. In my experience, wearing it over a thong, it did not ride up very much. In full-coverage undies, there’s more room for slipping, which may allow for it to ride up and roll a bit. My advice: if you want this to stay (or any cami for that matter) you can tuck it into your underwear. Another piece of advice from my mom: you can wear your cami out over your jeans, pants, or skirt with a sweater or shirt over it, and it will still provide a smooth silhouette, and still prevents the appearance of muffin-top. It really depends on your outfit and your body.

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to put this on over your head. Holy cow. It smashed my breasts and kind of hurt putting on. The second time I put this on, I stepped into it and it definitely was easier. That being said, if you have hips, you may not have the option of stepping into it.

As for “Wow Factor” this isn’t something I’d want to wear in front of someone else. It just isn’t sexy – even with the cute polka dots. Perhaps with an exact matching bra, it would be suitable, but again, this is something I’m going to pull off in the bathroom and stash away before someone sees me in it.

This definitely works and I do recommend it. As always, I wore this over a tight dress, so you can see exactly how the shapewear worked on figure. This isn’t meant to be worn with a bodycon dress, but would work with a fit-and-flare, or a wool pencil skirt or A-Line skirt and button-down/sweater combination. Additionally, these camisoles are great with pants and jeans, but it depends how tight they are. You can see a visible line on the back of my dress. With tight pants, and a tucked-in shirt, the line would be visible through your pants (even tucked into your undies). So, just make sure you’re able to look into a mirror before you leave! 🙂


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Spanx Red Hot Assets Camisole Shapewear Review Before & After Photo
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Comfort
    Editor: 100%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 95%
  • Value
    Editor: 95%
  • Wow Factor
    Editor: 75%


  • Definitely works to smooth the figure
  • Was comfortable
  • Was long enough for my torso

  • Cons

  • Not really a sexy piece
  • Don't even try pulling this over your head (ouch!)
  • Needs more of a color selection

  • Review Summary:

    Very pretty, didn't dig into armpits, not a lot of rolling up, long enough for me

    Miss M

    Measurements: 38-31-34
    Age: 39

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