Shapewear Review: Skinnytees V-Neck Tank

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Note: I purchased this with my own money & this review is my honest opinion.

When I first received the Skinny Tees V-Neck Tank , I took it out of the packaging and thought, “Wow. This looks huge.” I remembered that it is one size fits all though, so instead of sending it right back, I tried it on. A great quality of this tank is that it is 92% cotton and 8% spandex – so when I put it on, it basically conformed to my body. It was also thick enough to smooth away any problem areas. The straps are wide enough that they completed covered my bra straps and the cleavage is low enough for this to be sexy. Very nice.

But it still seemed too long when I first tried it on, so as anyone would do, I washed it. And this is me wearing this tank top after one good tumble in the washer and dryer:


Shapewear Review Skinny Tees Tank


This absolutely reminds me of dresses I used to wear, say, 16 years ago when I was big into the club scene in Texas. But, I look hot. That’s the other thing about a lot of spandex. It tucks you in – in all the right places!

This is a one-size-fits-all tank top. It was made to fit short, tall, curvy, plus-sized, etc. You need to keep this in mind before you buy it. Here are my observations: If you have a long torso, this is for you. If you like to wear your tank tops out over your leggings (I think this would look awesome over leggings with a wide waist-band & it’s long enough to cover your bum), this is for you. If you want to tuck it in and wear it with an A-line skirt, long bohemian skirt, or pencil skirt, this is for you. But if you’re going to tuck it into a tight pair of jeans, step away, this is not for you.

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This Skinnytees V-Neck Tank is great. It doesn’t give me “chicken cutlets” under my armpits as many tanks tend to do. It sucks me in and smooths me in all the right places. It would look fantastic underneath a button-up shirt for work, or with a flyaway shrug, etc. It’s sexy and the only thing you have to do is slide it on over your head. These are all great qualities in a tank top for me. The only warning I’ll give you aside from the length is the warmth of the fabric. At 8% spandex, this top is thick and not as breathable as one may like. Luckily for me, it’s currently -7 outside in Boston. But if you live in Florida, this may not be your perfect choice.

If you’ve read this far, I applaud you. And now you get a treat! I’m giving away this top in Ivory! It’s a one-size-fits-all, so don’t you worry.

UPDATE: Contest has ended! Congrats, Jocelyn!

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Shapewear Review Skinnytees V-Neck Tank
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  • Covers your bra straps
  • Sexy - shows cleavage
  • Sucks you in & hides your bumps

  • Cons

  • Super long
  • Not very breathable

  • Review Summary:

    This is a really, really, long top. It's perfect for layering. It isn't as breathable as I would like, but perfect for winter time!

    Miss M

    Measurements: 38-31-34 Age: 39

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