Shapewear Review: Classic Spanx Shorts

Spanx are an amazing invention. I mean, if you’ve ever used them, then you know they are! Sara Blakely is now a billionaire. I love stories like that. There she was, broke at 29 with a big idea – and she went for it! Spanx hit the shelves and women responded in a big way.

Chances are, you have tried Spanx, or know someone who has tried them. What you might be surprised to learn if you’ve never tried them is that some Spanx shorts have a double gusset. This means there is essentially a hole in them, for ease of bathroom use. I have never actually used the gussets for this purpose, but I mention it because I want you to know that it can get a bit breezy if you plan to wear these sans panties.

The classic Spanx shorts have now been improved (no seams in the front & back – huge win!), but since I still wear these, I decided to review them for you.

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But, as with any slimming garment you purchase, there is a caveat. The fat has to go somewhere. It doesn’t just melt away, even though we wish that were the case. For me, when I put on Spanx, all the fat gets pushed toward my back, then pours over the elastic.

Shapewear Review Spanx Classic Shorts

I was really disappointed at first, but then I figured out that if I wore a bra with a really wide band, it would cover that portion and I would still look good in a dress. I’m just letting you in on this tip, in case you were planning on wearing high-waisted shorts with a halter dress. That may not be the best idea with this shaping garment.

As for comfort. I think it depends what kind of slimming power you get. I can’t wear these for more than a few hours. I would never wear them to work. These are great for a wedding, or a date, or some other event where you can be free within a few hours. I have been to weddings where women have been in the bathroom chatting about their Spanx, complaining about them, ripping them off, etc. So before you don them to a long event, try wearing them in short spurts so you can get used to them and know your limitations in terms of handling the compression.

In summary, I love my classic Spanx shorts. They work. And now they don’t have that seam running down the center of the front & back (see the Affiliate Links for photos of that). But, as for “Wow Factor” there is none. I would lose these before I’d let my husband/boyfriend/partner/romantic interest see me in them. But you internet. You can see them from the back. It’s only because I love you.


Before & After Spanx Shapewear Review Photos Front


Before & After Shapewear Review Photos Spanx

Before                                    After



Spanx Shorts Before & After      Before                                            After

Sorry about the coloring on these. I overexposed the photo so you could see the details. I think it’s obvious that the waist is thinner, but it’s easier to see on a black dress with the exposure heightened.

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Classic Spanx Shorts
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  • Classic Spanx Shorts
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  • They work
  • They are easy to put on

  • Cons

  • They are not attractive
  • You can't wear them for long periods of time

  • Review Summary:

    Really works to slim the figure, easy-to-use, the double-gusset may be a surprise to you, don't wear these for more than a few hours unless you've worn them before.

    Miss M

    Measurements: 38-31-34
    Age: 39

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