Review: Spanx Star Power High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper

First of all, let me apologize for the coloring on this post. For some reason my camera was making the dress too dark, so I lightened the exposure (so you could see the figure & how it was affected by the shapewear). I only wear tight dresses for these reviews so you can really get an idea of how the shapewear actually works. Maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to just wear the garments by themselves, but I’m definitely not that brave yet!

This is the Star Power High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper by Spanx. I do love my Spanx, but this style is only for certain outfits – and a skin-tight dress is not one of them. Here’s why:

Spanx Review High Power Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper


The bum looks perkier, the waist looks smaller, but it does invite a line right at the waistline, especially if you have a bit of back fat. To combat this, you can wear your dress with a flyaway sweater (so people can see your flat stomach, but not get a view of your back), or wear it with pants and a blousy shirt. Again, not every piece of shapewear is meant to go with a tight dress. I just do this so you can see how it works.

The other thing I don’t love about this is the lack of “Wow Factor.”  StarPower by Spanx Shapewear Review

This is the kind of thing I’m going to run into the bathroom and peel off before I would let someone else see me in it. The model is gorgeous and can probably make a garbage bag look amazing. But not all of us are this genetically blessed.

So, it’s comfortable, easy to use & it works. While the back does have a line — check out the front! It really works to flatten the tummy!

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Spanx Star Power High Waist Mid-Thigh Shaper
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Comfort
    Editor: 100%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 100%
  • Value
    Editor: 95%
  • Wow Factor
    Editor: 75%


  • Easy to pull on
  • Flattens the tummy
  • Boosts the bum

  • Cons

  • Creates a line in back for those with a bit of extra back fat (I've got to think of a new way to describe that!).

  • Review Summary:

    Really flattens the stomach, easy to put on, doesn't provide a great back view for tight clothing, but works with other styles.

    Miss M

    Measurements: 38-31-34
    Age: 39


    1. Wow I cannot believe the change to the profile with this one! I’d be willing to put up with a little crimp in the back to look like that 🙂

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