Review: Maidenform Live In Luxe Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra

You guys! This is it. The Maidenform Live in Luxe Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra is the perfect T-Shirt Bra.

I try bras and I want to love them and I want to wear them the way that they are meant to be. I want to wear the back part way down and the straps not tightened all the way, but I do like a little lift, and generally that involves tightening the straps to the point that the back of the bra is not sitting the way it needs to sit on my back to hide any kind of skin roll situation that could occur.

I figured that was my thing. I’d be the gal who wears bras all wrong forever and just would look good from the front and/or wear vests or jackets to completely cover my back. I mean, hey, we all make concessions in fashion – and in life, right?


This is one of the best T-shirt bras I have ever worn. There isn’t truly a wide strap in the back. It’s wide where it matters, but it’s thin in the middle, so it doesn’t look like you’re wearing an “old lady bra.”

This bra is sexy, sleek, and covers all your back problem areas without making you feel like you’re wearing an ace bandage around your body. I’m a big fan.

From Hanes website:

Stay Smooth under any circumstance!

  • The Live in Luxe Demi T-Shirt bra is sleek, chic and silky smooth.
  • Elastic-free sides and back for a smooth look under clothes.
  • Satiny looking stretch foam cups for no show through. Virtually disappears under clothes.
  • Cushioned wire for ultimate comfort. Underwire cups with adjustable straps

If any of you have worn this bra, I’d love to hear how you feel about it and if you found it as great as I did.

This is my new go-to daily bra. Really, the only thing I don’t like about this bra is the price. Luckily you can find this bra everywhere, so there’s bound to be a sale. That’s the great thing about Hanes.

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Maidenform Live in Luxe™ Tailored Demi T-Shirt Bra
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 5 stars
  • Spectacular

  • Comfort
    Editor: 100%
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 100%
  • Value
    Editor: 95%
  • Wow Factor
    Editor: 100%


  • Doesn't look like a grandma bra
  • Wide where it needs to be & skinny where it matters

  • Cons

  • I can't think of a con and that's the truth

  • Review Summary:

    Covers the back without feeling like a grandma bra. Provides lift in the front. Completely seamless.

    Miss M

    Measurements: 38-31-34 Age: 39

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