Buying Shapewear is the Worst!

Buying Shapewear Is the Worst!Hello, my name is Miss M and I’ve been wearing shapewear for a little over 10 years. I work in fashion. I’m a little south of 40, but still feeling like I’m 25! Like many women, I’ve found that losing weight as you age is incrementally more difficult and – like you – my weight can fluctuate. Once a month, my belly feels like a balloon. Other times it’s flat. I think about trying that yogurt that Jamie Lee Curtis pitches, but then never remember when I’m in the grocery store. Some days I swear that if I could go to work in sweatpants and Uggs, I absolutely would. Other days, I put on my prettiest dress, my most sexy lingerie, and head out the door, ready to rule the world!

In short, I’m probably a lot like you.

As for measurements, I’m a 38 DD, with a 31” waist and 34” hips. For the most part, I have embraced my curves. In fact, I still like to rock body-con dresses from time to time – and this is where shapewear comes in most handy!

But buying shapewear is the worst!

Just like you, I have had issues finding the right kind of shaping undergarments for my body type. I’ll find a compression tank that fits on top, but is not tight enough around my waist to matter. I’ll find a bra that smooths out the lumps in my back, but doesn’t provide any lift in the front! I will spend hours in department stores trying to figure out what will work with a certain dress I own. Sometimes I’ll bring the dress with me and evaluate garment after garment (in the dressing room) until I find “the one!” Other times, I’ll buy every piece of shapewear apparel I think will fit, and try them all on in the privacy of my own home…thus adding a return trip to the store.

In fact, it’s torture!

I know you go through the same torture: trying on a cornucopia of garments, contorting your body in new ways just to clasp the hook-and-eye closures. Or pulling a slimming dress over your head, then getting the whole thing lodged under your breasts, not being able to take it off. Near tears you either ask your partner/boyfriend/best friend/child/husband to pull it off you while your arms are flailing above your head. Or, in the case where you live alone, you grab the scissors so you can escape the painful predicament, damn the costs!

You’ve found a winner, but…

So finally, you find something that fits: it shapes, it sucks everything in, it makes you feel amazing (which is the most important component!), but you can only stand wearing it for one hour before you are a sweaty mess. Or, you discover shapewear that covers all the bases, but then find yourself in the Bridget Jones predicament – wear the Granny Panties that make you feel more attractive, but then run to the bathroom to slip them off before your date/husband/partner sees you in them? Or, in the case of Bridget Jones, forget you have them on and brace yourself for embarrassment?

Shapewear doesn’t have to be a devil’s trap.

News flash: slimming undergarments don’t have to look ugly! They can be pretty and still flatter your curves. But you may not be able to find those brands in the department stores. You may not even know they exist. And that’s where we come in!

Getting the information in front of you.

I work in the fashion industry. I know that the main objective is to make the clothes look good – regardless of how many clips and pins it takes to make the outfit look great on the model. Same with shapewear. You’re a size 16W, and they’re showing models who are size 0. It’s not necessarily the lingerie company’s intention to leave you out of the conversation – they are aspirational with their advertising – and that’s the way it has always been done. So, I’m asking lingerie and shapewear companies to participate in this website. I want to interview their designers, ask about how to care for the precious garments that fit and flatter, and try to figure out why they insist on using Small, Medium and Large sizing.

Shapewear reviews.

With this shapewear review website, I really hope to spark a conversation. I want to hear from you, what you love, what you hate, whether someone should size up or size down. Whether you were able to wear a that pair of slimming boy shorts or that waist cincher throughout your entire event, or you ran into the ladies room and took them off the first chance you got!

My point of view.

For my part, I’m going to scour the internet for amazing shapewear from amazing brands. I’m going to wear each piece for an entire day and see how I feel about it at the end of the day. I’m going to share before & after photos to show you the true performance of a particular garment. Whether it’s thigh-high stockings that actually stay up, a girdle, granny panties, or a thong body suit, I will wear it all. I will report on it. And I will share it with you.

Really, any info you want to share is welcome here.

So, what can you do? Visit the Write For Us page and send in your reviews. Comment on pieces we’ve already written about and share your unique point of view. Just participate. We all have very different bodies, so diverse points of view will prove incredibly valuable here. I also have friends who are going to help me blog about their sizes and their own shapewear and lingerie predicaments. And somehow I’ve even gotten them to agree to post their before and after shapewear photos.

I’d love for you to join the conversation and I’d love if we, together, built a go-to shapewear research guide for women online and all around the world!

So, let’s talk. Let’s share. Let’s spark a conversation. We’re listening!


Miss M

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Miss M

Measurements: 38-31-34
Age: 39

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